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‘Nightlife’: Scott Gorham & Brian Robertson Join The Thin Lizzy Party

The ground was in an area of shootings, violence and rioting, and plenty of Distillery home games had to be moved.

The chairman Denis Moore had hoped for 3,, but 2, turned up. They might have been used to more glamorous surroundings. There was a wooden grandstand on one side. The grandstand seating area was rows of wooden benches and banked concrete terracing about 10 tiers deep was around the rest of the ground. There was a low concrete wall around the pitch, about six feet from the playing area. Barcelona, predictably, dominated from the start. Distillery lost , but all the talk after the game was of the wonder-goal. That is what I really want. Playing against Barcelona this week was such a tremendous experience.

This was a step up. This was his debut for Northern Ireland. Scorer of goals in two European Cup finals for Celtic, Gemmell was actually just masking tape as Forest desperately tried to halt a rapid decline. But the boy from Distillery knew he had to make the move.

He flew to Birmingham with McAlinden and drove to Nottingham to sign. It was coal-mining country and strikes were the pervading narrative in the local newspapers, not the local football clubs. He slowly worked his way into the consciousness of the national media with his industry and trickery.

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Worse still, Derby, under Clough, were winning their first Division One title. He was savvy with journalists, providing good quotes and not shy of talking himself up. Not a good idea. What were you trying to tell me, Mr Richards? It is certainly your prerogative to criticise from the footballing aspect — although I wonder how many games you have seen this season — but I got the distinct impression from the tone of your article that my position in life prior to being with Nottingham Forest was in question. All of us. It was a golden period for us.

I am not even sure that Clough, setting out, would have envisaged what we achieved. The sort of success we got was incredible. Home crowds averaged around 12, The club was rotting on and off the field. Their relationship started well. It was a false dawn, however. They finished 16th. If John checked back, rather than going down the line, that meant I had to check back. Forest finished the season in third place — the final promotion spot. But his starting place was assured when Curran fell out with Taylor and was loaned out to Bury.

But they raised eyebrows on the opening day of the season, away at Everton. They won their next two games — including a home win over Derby — and a season of surprise was up and running. They were already top of the table on December 17, but a win at Old Trafford turned them into title favourites rather than interlopers. They followed that up with a home draw with third-placed Liverpool, and from then on they were unstoppable. They beat Arsenal and Chelsea as they won the title by seven points. He was 26 and his best years should still have been ahead of him. But his fractious relationship with Clough continued to sour his experience at Forest.

Clough had other ideas, replacing him with David Needham — a centre-half. Clough, in front of everyone at training, told him it was because he was too good for the third team. I thought that way I might just shut him up. I want to see his eyes roll. It was down to his team selection.

He scored in the quarter-final against Grasshoppers and, after a backs-to-the-wall win in the second leg of the semi-final against Cologne, he looked down at his hand after he came off the pitch and noticed it was a bloody mess. Clough made the three players wait, telling them his decision on the morning of the game: Clark was in. He was in shock. Winning a second successive League Cup trophy was little consolation, while finishing second in the league, eight points off Liverpool, only added to his gloom. The realisation sunk in that he had missed his shot at European glory.

Their opponents this time were Hamburg and, unlike the previous year, Forest were the underdogs.

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This time, there was no hamstring injury. He had a shot at European glory after all.

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Scotland legend John Robertson: I'm still haunted by death of my brother in car crash

He cuts inside, beats Manfred Kaltz and plays a one-two with Garry Birtles on the edge of the area, before bending the ball low around Rudi Kargus from outside the box. Somehow, despite savage Hamburg pressure, Forest hold on for the win. Clough, despite having just won back-to-back European Cups, was outraged. Can you imagine the outcry that would have caused back home? The Guardian. Guardian News and Media. Retrieved 19 October Nottinghamshire Live. Local World. Daily Record. Media Scotland. Retrieved 7 November Nottingham Forest FC.

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Archived from the original on 22 September Retrieved 9 March Scottish Football Hall of Fame inductees. Gallacher Greig J. Smith Souness J.

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Stein Woodburn. Campbell James Jordan Lennox J. Reilly Waddell White Young. Robertson Steel T. Reilly W. Smith Strachan Turnbull. Evans Gemmill D. Brown Goram B. Johnstone McStay Narey Wharton. Chalmers McAllister A. Smith J. Wallace Wark. Aitken Fleeting Knox McMillan. Gallacher Harper T. McLean J.