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Won't you come down?

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She said Come down To my holiday at home This is the room The chair he sat in Now it's powder-burn blue This is where it happened And that's my sister And her husband the bastard She smiles at his mustache It's his latest disaster My sister used to get high She used to make a sound Now she's sweet and low When he's around But she's happy for me Because I found you You see how the time is frozen pools Is this how we're gonna get if we get old?

I don't know Won't you come home? Come home To my family reunion Come home It's just how we left it Everything's in place When you went away A little shrine was made And did you see my mother?

Otherwise known as 'Todd' So great working with you," she wrote, later adding , "Now But he was a doll as well!! And so fun and funny!!

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In the s and s, there was a vast outpouring of published Civil War regimental histories, memoirs by leading generals such as U. Grant, and soldiers' reminiscences that largely sentimentalized white reunion. Magazines, like Century Magazine , published self-described "objective" accounts of great battles and leaders of the war that were avidly read by the public.

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Few accounts of the African American experience in the war found their way into the pages of the successful Century series. The works of southern writers such as Walter Hines Page and Joel Chandler Harris, on the other hand, popularized a romanticized image of the pre-war South, emphasizing faithful and loyal slaves. They demeaned the history of hundreds of thousands of black men and women who willingly embraced freedom and fought for their rights. Blight does not ignore opposition to reconciliation sentiment. Many, many northern veterans decried the heavy emphasis on blue and gray comradeship as did southern veterans from the opposite point of view.

Blight quotes one former Union soldier in as describing the Civil War as "a death grapple between right and wrong.


If anything, Blight underplays northern dissent, manifested in speeches, parades, and reunions, and in published accounts of the war. As Barbara Gannon has recently shown, there were more than a few interracial GAR posts, and black and white veterans joined together in various commemorative activities. Known today primarily for its reconciliationist sentiment, Grant's Memoirs , published in , also contained two strongly worded refutations of the Lost Cause ideology.

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And that cause, he noted in his chapter on Appomattox, was "one of the worst for which a people ever fought, and one for which there was the least excuse. Despite notable and continued opposition, by the early decades of the twentieth century, the whitewashing of Civil War history had occurred. The cause of the Confederacy had been states' rights without slavery, and the cause of the United States had been union without freedom.

Blight's epilogue on the semi-centennial of the Civil War summarizes powerfully the themes of sectional harmony and a "white only" version of the War that had been building for decades. By , Blight argues, the memory of the war was "a quarrel forgotten" p.

In Race and Reunion , David W. Blight reminds us that the cause of the Civil War was slavery, and that its most important consequence was freedom.

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Blight's book should be required reading for a national dialogue about slavery, race, the Civil War, and the relevance of how Americans remember, and forget, their past. Barbara A.

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Personal Memoirs of U. Grant New York: Charles L.